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Your accredited practising dietitian and nutritionist in Melbourne

At Eat for Wellness we provide personalised nutrition advice to help you eat well and stay well. We believe that having good nutrition combined with a healthy lifestyle is the secret to long-term wellness. This is where our nutritionist can help you find the perfect combination and provide you with realistic recommendations
to help you achieve your goal.

Our experienced dietitian can provide you with a meal plan and help you understand portion control and how to best achieve it. There is a lot more to being healthy than losing a few extra kilos, it is a lifelong commitment and Eat for Wellness can guide the way. We can help you change your eating habits and lead a healthier life. Our dietitian is also a sports nutritionist and can help you find a diet that suits your specific needs to perform at your absolute best. We provide clients with nutrition plans and advice that can help them reach their goals and improve sports performance.