Online Meal Plans

At Eat for Wellness, we are now offering online meal plans to help you be the healthiest you can be!

We know one of the reasons people fail to meet their weight loss goals is due to lack of variety in their diet. Our Dietitians and Nutritionists can help create individualised meal plans including healthy recipe ideas to help you stay motivated. You can take a break from having to constantly worry about what to eat for the week, let us do the hard work for you. 

This package will be suitable for people seeking:

  • weight loss
  • diabetes management
  • food intolerance
  • increasing muscle mass

Please see sample meal plan below: 

online meal plan
Each meal plan package will include:

  • 30 minute skype consultation
  • 4 weekly meal plans 
  • healthy snack list 
  • recipe ebook  
  • email support 

Total cost = $200 

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If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitation to contact us via